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In Azerbaijan, a Donkey Suit Provokes Laughs and, Possibly, Arrests
 New York Times (14/07/09): Political satire in Azerbaijan.

Isn’t It Outrageous?
New York Times (14/07/09): Political Cartoonist discusses anger during Bush years.

Law to gag Irish jokes ‘idiocy’ says rights group
Belfast Telegraph (15/02/07):
Controversy over intersection of ethnic jokes and hate speech legislation in Ireland.

Something Funny About Ann Coulter
NBC (24/03/10): Column discussing what it means to understand Coulter as a satirist.

Is there room for humour in art?
The Guardian (14/08/07): Editorial discussing the role of humour in the work of Hyungkoo Lee.

Chris Morris: 'Bin Laden doesn't really do jokes'
The Guardian (01/05/10): Interview with Chris Morris about Four Kings.

Can Islam take a joke?
Kansas City Star (05/05/10): Midwest mischaracterisation of Islam as touchy and humourless.

South Park gag makes a mockery of freedom of expression
The Australian (05/05/10): Defence of South Park in light of second Mohammad controversy.

Sarah Silverman confession wows critics
The Guardian (09/05/10): Review of Silverman's work in light of new biography.

Cheap Laughs
The Atlantic: Hitchens takes a shot at liberal comedians who he characterises as smug, unfunny and out-of-touch.

Top of the Ticket
LA Times. Wanda Sykes is lambasted for comparing Rush Limbaugh to 9/11 attackers.

Why Women Aren't Funny
Vanity Fair (January 2007). Christopher Hitchens talks about why women aren't funny.

Who Says Women Aren't Funny?
Vanity Fair (April 2008). Alessandra Stanley looks at a series of very funny women and responds to Hitchens's article.

Web Logs

Why Aren't Conservatives Funny?
Gawker (30/01/10): Consideration of recent 'failed' attempts at Conservative political humour.

Women and Comedy: An Invisible Tradition
In Media Res (12/05/10): Academish article lamenting the lack of women in film and TV comedy and calling for female comedy as politics.

Humour and September 11th
by Allen Klein on his personal weblog. Discussion of the absence of "gallows humour" immediately following 9/11 and the suggestion that as humour returns, America returns and bonds.